Community College of Philadelphia/School District of Philadelphia Philadelphia Tech Prep Consortium

Download Architectural Drafting, CAD Competency List

The Philadelphia Tech Prep Consortium, in a partnership between the Community College of Philadelphia and the Office of Secondary Education of the School District of Philadelphia has created technical curriculum for seven Tech Prep program areas.

This site includes free, downloadable teacher planning guides in seven program areas. Currently only Level 1 Teacher Planning Guides are available. These teacher planning guides can be browsed by program area.


The process included:

  • development of program competency lists based on national industry standards and NOCTI competencies,
  • review and modification of these lists by panels of industry representatives from the Philadelphia WIA region,
  • determination of the year that each competency should be delivered (referred to as Level 1, 2, or 3),
  • development of a recommended teaching sequence of the competencies, and
  • writing of teacher planning guides for each competency by expert teachers.

Also included for each program area is the Competency List for the three-year program and a recommended Scope and Sequence for Level 1.

Program Name Competency List Download Excel document Download Scope and Sequence Download Excel document
Architectural Drafting, CAD Download Architectural Drafting, CAD Competency List Download Architectural Drafting, CAD Level 1    
Automotive Mechanic Technology Download Automotive Mechanic Technology Competency List Download Automotive Mechanic Technology Level 1 Download Automotive Mechanic Technology Level 2  
Computer Systems Networking Download Computer Systems Networking Competency List Download Computer Systems Networking Level 1    
Criminal Justice Download Criminal Justice Competency List Download Criminal Justice Level 1    
Culinary Arts Download Culinary Arts Competency List Download Culinary Arts Level 1 Download Culinary Arts Level 2 Download Culinary Arts Level 3
Graphic Design Download Graphic Design Competency List      
Health Professions Download Health Professions Competency List Download Health Professions Level 1 Download Health Professions Level 2 Download Health Professions Level 3
Protective Services: Firefighter Download Protective Services: Firefighter Competency List Download Protective Services: Firefighter Level 1 Download Protective Services: Firefighter Level 2  
Web & Multimedia Design Download Web & Multimedia Design Competency List Download Web & Multimedia Design Level 1 Download Web & Multimedia Design Level 2