Career Day
Session Commitment Form - October 13, 2016

Please complete this form if you want to conduct a session at the Career Day event on October 13, 2016.

Completing this form indicates your commitment that you will deliver the activities as specified.

Registration Information
Contact Information
Session Times
Room and building where activity will be held
Maximum number of participants each session can accommodate
Number of 6 foot tables and chairs required (College Transitions will do work order)
Audio/Visual Needs
* Do you intend to use student workers as part of your session?

NoteEach student worker is provided with a $30 gift certificate at the College Store. They are expected to be available for 5.5 hours.

There are some funds available for curricular supplies. Please call College Transitions at 570-320-8003 or e-mail to discuss supply orders.

* Do you intend to use industry volunteers as part of your session?
* Employment Classification

For Penn College employees only:

Is this a scheduled work day for you, or would you like to be paid as a supplemental assignment?

You MAY BE eligible to receive pay for up to 5.5 hours for working on Career Day at $25.00 per hour.

You agree to provide the activities as detailed below according to the following conditions:

  1. A Career Day activity to be delivered as defined on this form.
  2. You MUST have requested pay via this form prior to the event. (You do not need to fill out a time sheet. You will automatically be paid after Career Day.)

Please note: Because of budget limitations, College Transitions reserves the right to determine which activities will be funded.

Please click SUBMIT to complete your registration form. You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions and follow up. If you do not immediately receive a confirmation email, please contact or ext 8003.